Driving in Kuala Lumpur is certainly not easy.  For those who are familiar with the course, they are more intelligent and can handle the stress levels encountered because they are already immune with the traffic and other users’ driving attitudes.  Although E-hailing services like Grab are easily accessible in Kuala Lumpur, the percentage of road users who prefer to drive their own vehicle is still high.  Most of the drivers who drive their own vehicles work in KL but do not settle there.  Among the problems that drivers often say is traffic congestion at peak times and long travel times due to distance away from home.  However, in the city of Kuala Lumpur, where the majority of Malaysians make a living, there are 3 things to consider by the drivers if they want to drive their own vehicles to Kuala Lumpur.

Finding and Paying Parking.
The average length of time used by drivers to find empty parking at peak times is 25 minutes.  This period does not yet take into account the period used to find a place to pay for car parking.  Usually the machine or the agent of this parking lot is far away from the driver.The crowded parking situation is a strategic location for tragedy or robbery.  Especially for women, they need to think of their safety solely to find the location to pay for car parking.Given that most of these parking areas are open, they will be affected by images of men or women who have been dressed for a business or social appointment. For those who always use DBKL parking, they have to provide tickets and coins all the time.

Battery problem when parking
This can be categorized as unexpected problems.  It can happen at any time and condition. This problem usually occurs to drivers who start their journey early in the morning.  They will set up the headlights when driving and when the day starts bright, then they forget to close their lights.  This will not be a problem for the car that has been equipped with an alarm. The trouble you will encounter is when you are aware of your ‘kong’ battery after work hours.  High charges are usually imposed on drivers due to peak delivery costs and operations carried out after office hours.

Car service problem
Time constraints and long distance travel to Kuala Lumpur only give users the option of servicing their vehicles on Sunday. If the weekend is filled with other plans, then they have to delay the service for the next sunday. This will result in the mileage of vehicles already exceeding the required level of service. Consumers should be mindful of managing their time and pre-ordering for service. Users who ship for service but missed due date are normal.

The best solution to avoid these problems is to use E-hailing services such as Grab. However it is not very effective for repeat users from Klang to Kuala Lumpur or similar places far away. In terms of cost, service costs can reach RM50 per trip. That is one of the reasons why many still drive themselves to Kuala Lumpur.

Based on the above issues, 3 young people take the initiative to provide a solution that facilitates Klang Valley people. They strategically work together to ensure that user issues can be solved efficiently.

Did you know you did not need to buy a ticket or pay on the machine if you used parking under the supervision of DBKL?  Yes… you just need to download the JomParking app and pay parking through the app.  All payments and car registrations can be made in less than 5 minutes.

You just need to increase the credit and vehicle number registers. Easy is not it? Currently JomParking application can be used at all CHKL’s parking lots and several Municipal Council in Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah. Click here to download the app


Car Battery Problems?  Not near the workshop?  After work or night? Y ou do not have to worry anymore. Bateriku.com provides free delivery, diagnostics, and installation services to your location. If it is not a battery problem no fee will be charged. With 2 branded battery brands, batteriku.com ensures the quality of the batteries sold is best besides the very reasonable price. Warranty for up to 18 months and a network of warranty service locations almost across the peninsula is amongst why many customers around the valley of Klang choose bateriku.com. Click here to download the app.

Tired of sitting in the workshop all day? Prices are always growing and expensive? SERV.MY provides vehicle service at your location. It is suitable for users who have no opportunity to make engine oil exchange and other checks. Car service can also be done at your office or home parking. This can give you more quality time on Sundays. With basic servicing (engine oil, oil filter and some other  parts) and 22 check points, SERV.my service is comparable to existing workshops. Their equipment is complete even in Mobile units (mobile workshop). Click here to download the app

Considering that these three companies focus on automotive services, they decide that it’s time to work together to provide a comprehensive service to customers. Car users can now get car services on a wider scale through this coupling.