People today are hard to believe thus make us us so unwilling to give aid to those who are really in trouble.  Hopefully this is all you cannot end up with this couple because they are fraudulently deceiving, using the same reason to ‘pow’ someone else’s money.

According to this Twitter user experience, her husband has been hit twice before this. The same faces for the same reason and with the same agenda.

Source: Twitter

“These couple is from last year again have seen to stop people and ask for money.”
“If you want to say it’s still not logical, because the first time they got her husband was in last year. It will not be happening at Petronas again.”
“There are from Kuala Selangor, going back to Kuala Selangor but the car’s battered. They asked for RM200 to change the car battery “
“It’s lucky for her husband not to lose RM 200 for nothing, if not worthless to be deceived. That’s the story of last year. This year, they dared to use the same way. “

“Since both of them were exposed to the same thing before this, they did not share the couple, a sen.  There is a lot of people the have been fooled, thus the couple forget who they have been lying to.”

Amongst Twitter User Comments

Report to Petronas, and this is their response:

Not only that, there are other people who have been cheated for RM400! They said that they had made several reports, but these guys have appeared back to do same thing.

There are cpoeple who have given them RM400.00

Alahai!  Actually their story  hase already gone viral, but they are not afraid to get summoned.  Nadira Azwa was also hit by them, ready to be softer but…

“I just kept on saying, hey, your case is already viral, but they have just left without feeling innocent at all.”

“I’ve been hit once. In the middle of the filling up petrol for my car, they came to me and talk about their car that could  start. I just kept on saying, it’s like that your case has been viral. They just left without feeling innocent. Look healthy but lazy to work for money.”

Healthy body but still want to make money by way of cornering other people.  What do you get from persecuting people.  Anyone who lives in the area of Setia Alam or those who have come to this place are adivsed to be extra careful of this couple.